Recreate Your Living Space With A Sunken Conversation Area

If you want to give your living room a radical makeover, consider investing in a sunken conversation space, or "pit." These features were popular in the 60s and 70s when homeowners enjoyed entertaining and wanted a clever space to converse during cocktail parties and mixers.

Here are some tips when creating your own conversation pit or sunken living space:

Furnish it simply. Keep the furniture simple in your pit; consider a couple of side-by-side recliners for the coziest spot to watch the world go by. You could also utilize custom seating that lines the perimeter of your pit. You can visit local furniture stores, like The Chair Shop, Inc, for custom options. 

Consider the space. Before you plan on where to put your pit, talk with contractors about the most viable spots, as they will need to consider what is underneath your living room floor. These professionals will inform you of the most convenient spots between beams, supports, or timbers.

Don't obstruct your view. Make sure that you don't obstruct your views from the pit with large or bulky furniture or features. Try to maintain some visual space that provides a backdrop of sorts for your conversation pit. In other words, don't position your pit near partitions, built-ins, or bulky cabinetry that will impede pleasant surroundings around your space.

Keep electronics out. Don't try to wire in televisions, WI-FI, or audio in your pit; it simply isn't worth the trouble. It is a conversation space, so make it a tech-free zone where you interact with others, socialize, or simply sit in quiet reflection.

Invest in high-end flooring. A lot of the time, a sunken living space invites you to lounge on the floor. Make sure that your floor is covered in quality carpeting or flooring to make this a viable option. Shag symbolizes the 70s; if you are going for a vintage design, this could be an affordable and feasible choice.

Make access easy. Put some thought and planning into the access that you have to your conversation pit. Make sure that steps are broad enough to be safe but not so bulky that they eat up valuable floor-space. Use shallow risers to give the impression of a deeper living area and to make them easy for any family member to use.

A sunken living space can truly transform the entire feel of your home. Bring back this retro design feature with your own conversation pit! Talk with contractors and carpenters to plot, plan, and estimate costs to add one to your dwelling.