Headed To A Housewarming? Five Furniture Finds That The New Homeowner Will Love!

If you know someone that recently bought a home, give them a housewarming gift that will warm their heart. Everyone needs new furniture when they move into their own place, so give them something that they will use and appreciate. There are many finds at a furniture store that won't cost a fortune, but that will be invaluable to the individual setting up their dwelling.

Five furniture finds to give the new homeowner are:

1. An aromatic cedar-chest. There are many occasions that suit the gift of a cedar-chest, and a housewarming is one of them! These will provide the homeowner with a moth-resistant place to keep sweaters, blankets, or apparel, as well as serving as a useful storage spot for whatever is not in season. These come in a wide-range of sizes and styles, and most are outfitted with a locking mechanism and key.

2. A meaningful mantle-clock. Give something that will become a treasured keepsake: a mantle-clock. Whether your recipient has a fireplace or not, a mantle-clock is a distinguished and distinctive accent for a shelf, bookcase, or counter-top. It is something that many wouldn't buy for themselves, but are delighted to receive from someone else.

3. A clever storage-ottoman. An ottoman is a great gift, but a storage-ottoman is even better! This provides additional seating as needed, as well as a cozy place to put your feet up. A storage cavity expands the utility of the ottoman, and provides a clever cavity to stash personal belongings in the new home.

4. A narrow sofa-table. A sofa-table is another great gift idea; the narrow, lean style make it the perfect piece of furniture to stand behind a couch, at the foot of a bed, or in a mud-room. Choose one with spindled-legs and an attractive wood-grain, such as butternut or oak.

5. A kitschy side-chair. Choose a cool side-chair for the homeowner to bring a bit of kitsch to their new house. Upholstery is available in so many patterns, prints, and motifs that you are sure to find the perfect chair for the housewarming. These also make unique conversation pieces, too!

Give a housewarming gift that will be a cherished keepsake, as well as a useful furnishing that gets lots of use. Consider these five furniture finds for the new homeowner and make a big impression at a housewarming. Talk with furniture retailers about options related to style, wood, and upholstery, as well as to find the best bargains for your budget. For more information, contact companies like AAA A-1 Appliance Salvage Warehouses.