5 Ideas To Consider For Your Closest Upgrade

Getting a custom design closet is a great way to keep your clothing and shoes organized while adding impressive appeal to your room. As you go over the upgrades you want with your closet designer, think about these 4 cool ideas that can make your wardrobe space amazing.

French doors

French doors add allure to your closet and give you a wider area to work with when reaching in for your clothes. These doors are also highly attractive in your room and make your wardrobe area a focal point.

If you have a smaller room you may want to opt for accordion doors instead. This saves you space when you are opening and closing your doors without bumping into your bed or other bedroom furniture.

Rotating rack

A rotating rack that moves on a railing gives you the ability to reach all your clothing without digging into the back of your closet. This rack is put in the center of your wardrobe space, affixed to the ceiling in a narrow oval pattern and moves freely with gently force from your hands. You can easily reach and grab whatever clothing pieces you want by simply putting the moving rack in motion.

Lighted shelving

A row of lighted box shelves in your closet serves a dual purpose: you have shelves you can store shoes, scarves, and other small items on while having plenty of soft lighting to make it easier to view the clothing within. You will want to have your designer install soft white light so the colors and patterns of your clothing are in a 'true light' for matching outfits.

Large back mirror

A large mirror on the back of your door or along the back of your closet gives you a space where you can see what outfits will look best on you for the day. You will want to have a soft white light installed above your mirror so you can use it to put on your makeup and get dressed in your personal fitting room.


If your closet is being extended for more space, utilize some of that area to place a vanity with a chair and a lighted mirror so you can put your makeup on or style your hair in privacy. This helps reserve space in the rest of your bedroom and can help you keep your cosmetics and hair supplies all in one convenient location. You will want to have plug-ins placed in your closet as well within easy reach so you can use a blow dryer or other hair styling tool with ease.