Tech-Friendly Upgrades For Your Teen's Bedroom

Whether your teen is a gamer or simply loves all things tech, you can incorporate these passions into his or her bedroom. Here are just some of the many tech-friendly room upgrades you might want to consider when redecorating your teen's bedroom.

Gaming Corner

Create a dedicated space in your teen's bedroom for gaming. You can choose a different paint color for the wall in this area of the room to create a focal point. Have a flat-screen television mounted on the wall, and install shelving to hold games and gaming consoles. Invest in a gaming recliner to provide a cozy place to sit while playing. Some gaming chairs have built-in speakers, storage for game controllers, and connections for gaming systems. If your teen invites friends over, consider investing in a few gaming chairs for this section. Don't forget a mini refrigerator to store snacks and drinks for long gaming sessions.

Grown-Up Bunk Bed

Kids' bunk beds aren't just for kids anymore. Consider a bunk bed/desk combo to save space in the bedroom. These bunks feature a bed on the top and a desk area underneath. The desk area is tucked away, creating the illusion of a separate study area. Add your teen's desktop computer to this area, and install LED rope lighting around the frame of the bunk bed to create an ultra-modern lighting scheme. Work with your electrician to upgrade the electrical outlets in the desk area to USB-friendly outlets, so your teen can charge tablets, phones, and other devices while studying. Add a cozy office chair for added comfort during study time.

Ceiling Projections

As a finishing touch for your teen's room, consider investing in a home theater projector, and position it to throw images on the ceiling in the bedroom. The projector can be used to create a star show on the ceiling at night for a calming way to sleep, and it can also be used to watch movies or TV shows in a new, fun way during slumber parties. You can have your electrician install the projector and home theater speakers to complete this idea.

Head to your local furniture store to look for inspiration as you plan your teen's decorating project, and consider which of these tech-friendly bedroom upgrades you can use in his or her bedroom. With a few touches, you can create a special place your teen will love to spend time in every day. To learn more, contact a company like Bruce The Bed King