Ahoy: Conceive, Design, And Decorate A Room Around A Single Nautical Flag

If you have plans to redecorate a room or space in your home, consider giving it a nautical makeover. Check out the bold, beautiful nautical flags available online or in marine supply stores, and use one to inspire your project. Choose colors, patterns, and motifs that capture your eye and that will serve as the foundation for your entire space.

Some ways to use a nautical or marine flag as the inspiration for an entire room include:

Represent the colors. Start with a clean slate, white works, to evoke that fresh, maritime vibe. Next, echo the main colors of your flag throughout the room in wall treatments, contrasting wall colors, furniture, or fixtures.

Mimic throughout the room. Mimic the colors and design of your flag in the room's textiles and bedding. If your flag is red, white, and blue, for instance, add navy bedding, red pillow shams, and plaid drapes, in all three colors. Don't forget to frame your flag or recreate a copy to hang in the room, too.  

Go with useful accents. Don't fill the space with non-functional accents. Try to keep the room sparse, at this point, only incorporating accents that have a purpose. For instance, add bold-colored throw pillows or a coordinating throw rug to the room.

Decorate minimally. Next, decorate and accessorize minimally, maintaining the fresh, clean vibe of your nautical inspiration. Make this the time to clean out and get rid of clutter that doesn't seem to have a place or a use in your home. Keep a can of spray paint on hand to give old furnishings or fixtures a fresh look in a snap!

Display a themed-collection. Add a display of a nautical collection, such as shells, old compasses, or miniature boats, on a shelf or table, wherever it can be seen easily. Another idea is to fill clear glass jars with stones, shells, and sand, and line them up on a bookshelf or dresser.

Invest in a single focal-point. Invest in one truly nautical focal point, like a ship's wheel, buoy, or painting that captures attention and that readily reflects the theme of your room. Visit second-hand sites and antique stores to find the perfect piece for your space.

Maintain clean lines. Keep an eye out and watch for clean lines and angle. Try to keep things sharp and pristine through simple, lean furnishings and cool-lighting which will reinforce the theme of the room.

You will love the fresh, vibrant air that your new nautical-inspired space evokes. This theme works well in a bedroom, den, or even a home office. Visit online retailers to find what you need to transform any space into a clean, energizing spot that brings the sea to mind!