Big Family, Small House; Here's How To Make It More Comfortable

While it would be nice to give every family member their own bedroom and their own corner of the house, that's not the reality of many families. You might find yourself dealing with the opposite, where there are many family members sharing a smaller-than-ideal living space. That doesn't mean you all have to be miserable. Try these ideas for making the home more comfortable for everyone:

Expand Your Outdoor Space

Creating more spaces where people can hang out and decompress sounds ideal, right? Well, if you don't already have a fully-furnished backyard, you are probably missing out on a lot of real estate that you could use to space people out. Having a deck with comfortable seating might help. A garden, pond, or another tranquil area where family members can get away from each other is a great option too.

Schedule to Avoid Conflicts

One thing that can make the house seem smaller is when several family members repeatedly have to decide who's going to use the shower first, or when two people inadvertently have guests over at the same time and someone ends up sitting on the floor. Having a schedule of key family assets will help give everyone a fair share of the living spaces and create an easier living situation for everyone.

Give Everyone Space

You might want to have some part of the house that each family member has dibs on. Dad always gets the red armchair when he's home. One sibling loves to be on her laptop in the corner chair of the dining room table. And mom prefers to spend some time alone at her desk. Although all of these people may be in close proximity if they are within a small home, having this arrangement still allows each person to feel like they have their own space and a place to retreat to.

Consider a Redesign

These tips may make the house a little more comfortable, but space could probably also use a redesign. Consult an interior designer about options for expanding the space. Would it seem more spacious with a different paint color? Should you knock down a wall? How about adding more windows? Would a slimmer dining table or sofa create a lot more room? Should you place a covered dining table outdoors instead to free up space? These upgrades are all possible solutions for creating more space (or the sense of it).

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