Three Unique Beds You May Like For Your Kid's Room

If you are determining which type of bed to put in your kid's room, there are several factors you should think about. You want to know that they will get a good night's sleep on the bed, but you should also try to go with one that helps them create a bedroom where they will have plenty of space to play or to entertain their friends when they have them over. Here are three unique beds you may want to consider when it comes to your kid's room:

Consider a captain's bed

A captain's bed is one where the mattress is not put on regular box springs and a frame. Instead, it will go on a storage area where there are drawers. These drawers are generally about the same shape and size as dresser drawers. If your child has a lot of clothes, then this can take away the need for a second dresser which would take up more room in their bedroom. Or, you may even find that they don't need a dresser at all, so they can enjoy having a lot more floor space, or they may even choose to go with some furniture in their room instead. Not only does a captain's bed give your child a great place to put clothing, or even other items they may choose to put in the drawers, but it also makes it impossible for them to cram a bunch of stuff under their bed which is one of the common ways kids tend to like to 'clean' their rooms.

Consider a futon bed

If your child has a somewhat smaller bedroom and they like to have friends over, then a futon bed may be a good choice for their room. It is a bed that you can fold up during the day into more of a sofa. Then, when it is time for them to go to bed, they just fold it right back down into a bed so they can sleep on it. This will give them the couch space they may need for some of their friends to sit on while they are visiting. However, your child will also have that bed they need each night.

Consider going with bunk beds

If you have two of your kids sharing a room, or your child tends to request sleepovers often, then you may really want to go with a bunk bed. When you hear the term 'bunk bed' you may imagine the traditional stacked bunk beds with a ladder that goes up to the top. However, there are so many designs these days that you can choose the type that fits your child's needs the best. For example, there are now bunk beds that even have a desk or toy chest built in.

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