Turning Your Old Table And Chairs Into A Whole New Set

If you have an old kitchen table and chairs, then you may be interested in learning how you can transform them into a fresh set. The great news about this is you can do most, if not all of it all on your own, or even as a family project that everyone can enjoy doing together. Here are tips for turning your table and chairs into new-looking, fresh ones that offer your home a creative touch you can be proud of:

Sand down all the visible portions of the table and chairs.

You want to start by making sure you have a clean and wind-free place to work. Most people choose to use their garage, but you can also use a screened-in porch, a large shed, or another protected area. When it comes to the chairs, you want to remove the upholstered parts and set them aside. 

You can use a stripper to remove paint or the polyurethane from the surface. Make sure you use fine grit sandpaper, and go easy so you don't create dips in the surface. Wipe everything down with a very lightly dampened cloth to remove all of the dust after you have sanded everything down.

Stain or paint the table and chairs.

Apply thin and even coatings of stain or paint to the table and chairs, and allow it to dry before you add the next coat. If you want to make sure you are going to like the color on the set, then you can put a bit on an area that isn't going to be visible first and allow it to dry. This will allow you to make absolutely sure that you will be happy with the final product.

Decoupage the top of the table.

If you have decided to decoupage the top of the table for a fantastic and creative dining set, then you can skip staining or painting the top of the table. Instead, use Mod Podge and a sponge on the backs of the papers you want to put on the table, and stick them all in place. Once you are done with this step, add an even coating all over the papers.

Seal the table and chairs.

After you stain, paint and/or decoupage the table and chairs, you want to put three or more coatings of Polyurethane on them to make sure the set is protected from water damage and other damage from normal wear and tear. Follow the instructions for allowing it to dry after one coat before adding the next.

Reupholster the chairs.

You can remove the upholstered pads from the chairs and pull out the staples to take the upholstery off. Once it is removed, you can use the old padding or replace the old with new. Then, cut the correct size and shape of new material that you have chosen, and staple it back in place. Put the upholstered pieces back in place once everything is completed and dry. If you don't feel you are able to reupholster the chairs yourself, then you can hire an upholstery service to take care of this part for you.