Shower Door Enclosures: Premade Vs. Custom

Deciding the type and style of shower door you want is an important decision. The door can greatly impact the visual appeal of your entire bathroom. However, it's also important to consider functionality when you make this decision.

There are premade doors that you can find from various suppliers but many people nowadays would rather for something that's custom made. However, before you decide to go for a custom shower door, you should try weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the premade and custom-made doors.

Design and Style

Premade shower doors come in many shapes and styles. However, at the end of the day, you'll still be limited by what is available in the market. If you don't have access to the right stores, you may not even have that many doors to choose from. Additionally, you'll have to design your shower enclosure based on the limits of the shower door.

On the other hand, the only limiting factor when deciding on the style of a custom shower door is your imagination. You can decide your shower enclosure however you want it and after that, design a suitable enclosure for it. If you want to explore the limits of your imagination, go custom.


There is a major difference in terms of cost when you compare custom and premade doors for your shower. Premade doors are mass produced, and the standardized manufacturing process makes them cheaper to produce. As a result, these doors can cost even less than $100.

Custom doors will need to be made according to your specifications. This involves a lot more work such as having to take various measurements and using special tools to achieve your desired style. All this means a lot of added costs, and as a result, custom doors can cost more than $1000 in some cases.


How good your shower is functionally will depend on how well it was designed in the first place. It's difficult to go wrong with premade doors since their designs have been optimized to ensure they can function well.

However, homeowners can easily make a mistake with a custom made shower door that can make it less functional even if it looks great. For starters, many custom shower doors are frameless, and this means the glass can be quite heavy. Therefore, you'll need much sturdier hardware to keep the door in place. Mistakes in measurements can also be made.