4 Mattress Replacement Signs That Don't Involve Pain

You need a night of restful sleep to be productive throughout the day. However, good sleep is hard to achieve when your mattress is worn. While the need to replace a mattress is common knowledge, knowing when a replacement is necessary isn't as common.  Learn about some of the signs that indicate it's time for you to invest in a new mattress that don't necessarily involve pain and discomfort. That way, you know when it's time to start shopping for a new one, whether you're looking for queen sized mattresses or others.

1. Sneezing

If you're sneezing more often that you did in the past, the problem might not be something in the air. Your old mattress could be to blame, especially if you only sneeze at night. A mattress comes in contact with everything found in the air in your home, just like your furniture, carpet, and other surfaces. However, a mattress isn't cleaned at the same rate as these different surfaces. Dust and other household allergens instead accumulate over the years. When you're in bed, you're basically in a bed of allergens.

2. Travel

When you're away from home, you should want nothing more than to return home to the comfort of your bed, especially when you consider the idea that you're in a strange environment. However, if you look forward to family vacations or work trips just so that you can get into a bed you find comfortable, your mattress has likely reached its expiration point. You should enjoy sleeping in your bed more than you do a bed away from your home.

3. Sag

Look at your mattress to see if you're able to see noticeable sagging. If your mattress looks like someone left a large bowling ball in the bed for a long time, your mattress is likely long past its expiration date. The springs inside the mattress are designed to support the sleeper and the mattress. As the springs break down, they start to fail at both jobs. Eventually, the springs don't spring anymore, and the mattress forms indents. If you're not experiencing discomfort now, it's only a matter of time before you start to notice the pain. 

4. Weight

Whenever you gain a significant amount of weight, you should invest in a new mattress. The reason weight is so important is that the support needs of someone who is 225 pounds are significantly higher than someone who is 150. Your mattress might have felt good when you were at a lower weight, but not anymore. You should visit a mattress retailer that will be able to help you find a new mattress ideal for your weight range. 

Recognize some of the signs that point to the need for a replacement. With a new mattress, you'll enjoy more restful nights, and as a result, more productive days.