Trends And Buzzwords In The Furniture World And What They Mean For Buying Furniture Sets

There are so many new ways that furniture design has changed how and what you sit on. In fact, there are furniture sets now that follow the latest trends, and certain buzzwords in the furniture industry are flying around. If you are not sure what any of those words mean, or what the trends mean for your next purchase of a living room, bedroom, or dining room furniture set, the following will help clarify.

The "Chofa"

This buzzword, "chofa," is a strange one, to be sure. It is essentially a sectional sofa with a footrest and an elongated cushion that allows you to change either end of the sofa into a chaise (i.e. a place to lay down or recline). The furniture industry coined the word "chofa" to describe this piece of living room furniture as a sofa-chaise. If you just want a separate footrest and sofa, extra cushions are included to remove the option of having a chaise on either end. Typically, a "chofa" is ideal for people with small furniture budgets and not a lot of living room space, who find themselves falling asleep on the couch or frequently have unexpected overnight guests.

The "Chesser" or "Chester"

This is another two-in-one piece of furniture that spawned another combo word. If you cannot guess what it is, it is a chest of drawers and a low-boy dresser in one. Again, it is the perfect solution for a bedroom that does not have that much space, or it is perfect for any bedroom that does not have its own closet. You can purchase a "chesser" with a bed, nightstand, and a few other bedroom pieces, but most people lacking bedroom space tend to put the "chesser" within arm's reach of the bed so that the alarm clock, glasses, dentures, and whatever else you tend to keep bedside is within range.

Large, Reclining Sofas

These sofas are very popular right now. Both ends of the sofa recline just like recliners, and there is usually a storage space in between to hold drinks, remote controls, etc. Generally, you have to position this piece of furniture so that when you recline the ends of the sofa, the tops of the recliners are not scraping the wall. If you have a big enough living room or den, you should place this piece of furniture right in the middle of the room where it can recline with ease.