3 Cabinetry Paint Colors You Should Consider

If you are pondering a kitchen remodel, you might be considering the possibility of having your wood cabinets professionally painted. In addition to covering dated or damaged wood finishes, cabinet paint helps to create smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces that mesh well with most homes and lifestyles. Here are three cabinetry paint colors you should consider and why you might love them in your home. 

1. White

What better way to brighten up a kitchen space than to paint your cabinets bright white? In addition to creating a light, airy look in your kitchen, white cabinets also make it easy to keep your space clean. Because things like food smudges and fingerprints may show up on those cabinet doors and drawers, you can quickly and easily wipe down the surfaces, making your kitchen a cleaner, more welcoming place to be. 

When considering white cabinets, think about the colors of the other finishes in your home. If your wall trim or crown molding is painted cream, consider an off-white cabinet color instead to create more of a streamlined appearance. 

2. Gray

If you are looking to create a little more of a contrast between your cabinets and your wall color and trim, think about having your cabinets painted gray. Available in a range of shades ranging from gun metal to light pale silver, gray cabinets are a sleek, modern neutral that works well with appliances of any color. 

Before painting your cabinets gray, think about things like metal hardware finishes in your kitchen. For instance, if you are doing stainless steel appliances and brushed nickel hardware, try to choose a shade of gray that complements those additions. 

3. Navy

For a splash of color that still feels fairly neutral, consider a dark navy cabinet color. In addition to disguising smears and smudges, navy cabinets pair exceptionally well with brass, matte black, and even silver hardware. 

Remember that kitchens also look great with mixed and matched cabinet colors. For instance, if you are concerned that your kitchen will feel too dark with all navy cabinetry, consider painting your lower cabinets navy and your upper cabinets white or cream.  

Whether you are thinking about painting your cabinets or you prefer a natural stained look, professional cabinet contractors can help you to create the kitchen you have been dreaming of. From interesting drawer and cabinet pulls to hard, high-quality finishes, you can enjoy a kitchen that truly feels unique and custom.