Your Dining Room Table: What Goes Into Classic Style?

You want to get a dining room table for your home, but you have one small caveat: you want the table you get to last for as long as you are in your home. Whether you are a chronic remodeling person or you want to keep the same design in your home for years at a time, the way your dining room table is set up will determine whether your conversation piece will stand the test of style time.

Your dining room table can become a classic style piece in your home, if you do the right things to make your dining room complete. Here are things to look for in a dining table with all the classic finishes you'll love to show off for years to come.

Solid construction

A solid wood or solid metal dining room table will be able to maintain a classic appeal for as long as you are in your home. Why? Because solid construction is streamlined and doesn't lean towards contemporary or modern fashion, but rather classic construction and durability. Classic wood, such as elm, oak, walnut, chestnut, or even pine, can be beautiful in any dining table. Finishes can be in nearly any color as well or left with a clear stain so the wood grain can shine through.

When it comes to metal construction in a dining table, solid steel or galvanized metal is best. A glass-topped metal table is also desirable, but keep the legs and other metal components plain in their construction to avoid making your table too trendy to continue being classic in your home as trends change.

Neutral hues

If you have chairs or feature construction pieces that go with your dining table, make sure they are neutral in design. This way, you know your dining room table will continue to match the rest of your dining area and kitchen space's designs even as you change the decorations and theme of the rest of your home. Neutral tones include brown, white, tan, mint, light blue, dusty gray, light green, and other earth-based tones.

When you buy your new dining table, ask your supplier or seller if the table comes with drop leaves or a leaf insert so you can customize how large or small you want your table to be. The right table will be able to grow with your home even as your style is always changing within your property's walls.