Three Unique Beds You May Like For Your Kid's Room

If you are determining which type of bed to put in your kid's room, there are several factors you should think about. You want to know that they will get a good night's sleep on the bed, but you should also try to go with one that helps them create a bedroom where they will have plenty of space to play or to entertain their friends when they have them over.

Big Family, Small House; Here's How To Make It More Comfortable

While it would be nice to give every family member their own bedroom and their own corner of the house, that's not the reality of many families. You might find yourself dealing with the opposite, where there are many family members sharing a smaller-than-ideal living space. That doesn't mean you all have to be miserable. Try these ideas for making the home more comfortable for everyone: Expand Your Outdoor Space

Ahoy: Conceive, Design, And Decorate A Room Around A Single Nautical Flag

If you have plans to redecorate a room or space in your home, consider giving it a nautical makeover. Check out the bold, beautiful nautical flags available online or in marine supply stores, and use one to inspire your project. Choose colors, patterns, and motifs that capture your eye and that will serve as the foundation for your entire space. Some ways to use a nautical or marine flag as the inspiration for an entire room include:

Tech-Friendly Upgrades For Your Teen's Bedroom

Whether your teen is a gamer or simply loves all things tech, you can incorporate these passions into his or her bedroom. Here are just some of the many tech-friendly room upgrades you might want to consider when redecorating your teen's bedroom. Gaming Corner Create a dedicated space in your teen's bedroom for gaming. You can choose a different paint color for the wall in this area of the room to create a focal point.

5 Ideas To Consider For Your Closest Upgrade

Getting a custom design closet is a great way to keep your clothing and shoes organized while adding impressive appeal to your room. As you go over the upgrades you want with your closet designer, think about these 4 cool ideas that can make your wardrobe space amazing. French doors French doors add allure to your closet and give you a wider area to work with when reaching in for your clothes.